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Broken Earth Winery


Baley Loy - Trainee Winemaker

Baley is a graduate of Shepherd University with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. She is a recipient of Shepherd’s highest academic honor, the McMurran Scholar Award.

Born and raised in West Virginia, Baley grew up “outdoors” with a deep love and fascination of the natural world. Last year she made her first ever visit to the west coast and landed right here in El Paso de Robles. With that visit, she knew there was something special about the Central Coast and our ever expanding wine industry.

Shortly before Broken Earth’s 2017 harvest, Baley packed up her car and made the long drive from West Virginia to California. She quickly learned that winemaking held all of her interests. With the lab analysis, field work in the vineyard, the hands-on processing during harvest and all of the sensory experiences; there is no better field to be in. Baley embraces the hard work and certainly doesn’t mind the “dirty parts” of the job.

When not working, she enjoys exploring the coast, listening to records, and talking with the passionate, experienced people in the industry. 

Baley is also currently enrolled in UC Davis’s Winemaking program and hopes to graduate in 2020.



Baley Loy
Trainee Winemaker
1650 Ramada Dr | Paso Robles Ca 93446
P.O Box 1498 | Paso Robles Ca 93447
ph: 805.239.2317
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