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We’re pleased to welcome two new wines to our collection – La Belle, a lightly sweet Muscatel and La Bête, a beast of a Tannat. 

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A new adventure with an old friend. La Belle emphasizes all things lovely about the Muscatel varietal that we have adored, and unfortunately forgotten about over the years. This Muscatel, known by the more common name of Muscat, offers insight into a whole new world of what can be achieved when this grape is produced in a new style. More simply put - this is not your grandma’s Muscat...we mean Muscatel. With that said, we invite you on this journey of rediscovery.

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The beast has been released! This one hundred percent Tannat does not hold back, and neither should you. A bold, rich varietal that is making a name for itself in California is native to Uruguay; it is the dominant grape grown in the Basque region bordering Spain and France.

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