2018 Sotto Voce Sparkling Grenache Rose
2018 Sotto Voce Sparkling Grenache Rose
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The base wine was produced from the same grapes as our 2018 Limited Release Grenache Rosé. The fruit was machine harvested during the night, with the ripeness at 20.3 Brix, aiming for a brighter, austere style of Rosé. On receipt at the winery, the grapes were crushed into a fermenter and inoculated straight away with QA 23 yeast. After 38 hours on skins, the fermenting juice was drained off to complete cold fermentation on its own. 

The fermentation was completed on 10/8/18 after 27 days. It was racked off gross lees on 11/2/18. The fermented wine was then cold stabilized and heat stabilized. 

Most of the base wine was then bottled for limited release while some was set aside in order to be put through Méthode Champenoise. This is the process used to create the famous wines of the Champagne region in France. A ‘base’ wine is created prior to being transferred to the bottles where the secondary fermentation occurs. Sugar and specialized yeast are then added, the bottle is capped (crown seal) and fermentation occurs, whereby generating more alcohol but more importantly CO2. The CO2 remains in solution even when the bottles are opened following ‘riddling’. This is where the yeast lees are agitated and allowed to settle under the cap. Then the bottle neck is frozen before the pressure produced from the ferment ejects the ‘plug’ of solids. The wine is then topped to the required level with the liqueur d’expedition before the cork is inserted and the wire hood attached.

Wine Specs
Paso Robles
Harvest Date
September 2018
2.40 g/L
Residual Sugar
14.9 g/L
Alcohol %

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