2016 Sparkling Rose
2016 Sparkling Rose
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GRENACHE! ROSE! SPARKLING WINE! We challenge you to find a greater triple threat in the world of wine! This trifecta makes up the Sotto Voce Grenache Rosé and there is no looking back now; this has everything you would want in a wine and more.

The name itself, Sotto Voce, translated from Italian means “under the voice” or “whisper”. The name Sotto Voce was inspired by the “proper” way to open a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. According to traditionalists, and winemaker Chris Cameron, that subtle ‘fssssszzz’ sound when opening a bottle should be no louder than a whisper, or to be a little more pithy, never louder than a fair maiden’s sigh.

Subtle in the nose, this wine begins with hints of umami characteristics (think savory, freshly baked bread) that stems from its most traditional méthode Champenoise production. With a light swirl, careful not to disturb the bubbles -- a plush wave of strawberry fruit rolls through. But don’t wait too long for that initial sip, the vivacious explosion of even more strawberries, bubbles, and texture allows a person to understand the passion that goes into the making of a sparkling wine.

Although easily enjoyed on its own, the perfect food and wine pairing is always something to be admired. The easy way to go about this would be to order a charcuterie plate from your local cheese shop and have a mid-spring picnic. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, whip up some fresh spring rolls with creamy peanut sauce. Or for something heartier, a lobster mac and cheese dish would be perfection.

Wine Specs
Paso Robles
Harvest Date
October 2016
6.70 g/L
Bottling Date
February 2018
Residual Sugar
10.26 g/L
Alcohol %
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